L.C. Duesterhoeft has been a lover of stories for decades, the earliest and most formative of which being Arthurian Legend.  This sparked an immediate and great love of medieval fantasy, and has since led to a lifelong pursuit of writing stories in that same genre sandbox. A few years ago, a rise of curiosity of her own ethnic heritage culminated in a sweeping interest and fascination with Slavic and East European folklore, which is now something that lends great inspiration to worlds, stories, and characters.

Nature is a big source of inspiration for L.C.,  and the way people connect with it and the concept of humans needing to be better stewards of it influences many themes in her work. Another major present theme in many of L.C.’s stories is the concept of memory–both personal and familial–and how that continues to both haunt and be relevant to a present experience.

A consummate lover of yarn and all plants, L.C. lives in northern Virginia with one rambunctious maine coon kitten, one tired and old tabby, one partner, and probably spends way too much time on drawing maps of the stories’ worlds, and making lists of all the books to write (and read). She is currently back in academics after a decade-long hiatus to pursue a degree in Literature and Folklore.

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