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Let’s start 2020 out with a bang, hm?

Several original manuscripts have been unearthed, nearly crumbling in pieces that were as much dust as they were writing. All had curious notes, observations, and poems scrawled through the margins. In an effort to figure out what this unknown alchemist was trying to write out, all these pieces have been painstakingly collected and compiled together in a form more accessible to the modern reader.

In other words–if you noodle around the site a little bit, you’ll notice a subtle addition–namely a self-published title!

Red Iron Alchemy is a collection of prose and some poetry that I’ve written in various spaces and places over the last decade. It’s somewhat difficult to succinctly describe or explain when someone asks, “What’s the book about?” mostly because… it’s not about just one thing, and the things that it does cover and touch upon aren’t necessarily readily apparent, or necessarily true. It’s a mixture of truths, half-truths, fictionalization, and complete fiction, with no distinguishing markers between any of them. Mostly, it’s about the messiness of a life through a variety of lenses, perspectives and metaphors.

It reads more like a poetry book than anything else, despite being mostly prose, which is why it’s published under a pseudonym. I didn’t want someone to pick this up and expect more of the same from my narrative works, and vice versa.

Head over and pick up your own copy, and let me know what you think!

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