Progress Update

Finally, at long last, broke 70,000 words yesterday!

It’s… actually been a while since I last worked on it. But, with this extra time that I have currently, I’ve been wanting to actually use it to work on writing. You know, like a proper writer.

So, I wrote a flash fiction short story that I’m expanding a little bit, and I’ve been reworking another short story that is also getting expanded, but yesterday was the first day I opened up this novel to poke at it again. I’ve been sitting at just over 2k words short of 70k for… quite a while, so I figured I’d see how far I could get. I made my “at least 100 words” minimum in the reworked short story (which is actually set in the same world as the novel), and then got that again in the novel itself. And then, I kept writing.

It came in bits and pieces throughout the afternoon—it didn’t just pour from me all in one frenzied go; these words were hard-earned yesterday.


I did it, finally.

Now, just another page or so to finish up the chapter. And then less than 30k until I hit 100k in this thing.

I’m wondering if it’s somewhat trickier/slower going not just because I haven’t had a lot of energy/time between my previous work and then getting back into the swing of school, but also because I’m in the second arc of the story and it’s getting into meatier background, character history, etc. Balancing parsing out information rather than just an info-dump, making sure the pacing is right—and also trying to think ahead about when the best time to switch to the other POV is, which was an unexpected addition to the story. (And here I thought it’d be one POV the whole time. This one character had other plans, clearly.)

I don’t quite know how long this will end up being, but if the second and third parts end up being about the same as the first, it’ll end up around 180k at the end of the first draft. So, I’m almost halfway to that goal.

Now. Back to writing.

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