the Big Goal 2015

Recently, I’ve worked on focusing my goals and deciding a rudimentary order in which I want to work on things/see them finished and published. I’ve gotten it down to two different novels that I believe would make good “first novels”, and of those two, I finally settled on which I’d like to do first.

My goal for this year is to have at least a finished first draft of the whole manuscript for the one I settled on. I plan on it being a shorter novel (though probably still longer than a novella), and the story is fairly straightforward enough that I don’t think that goal is too far out of reach.

Of course, that’s not to say that I will make myself¬†only¬†work on that story–I know myself well enough that I am a project magpie and any type of forcing to stay only on one thing will assuredly also make that thing unattainable all the while. But my main focus will definitely be on this.

It has no title thus far, only an acronym/moniker I refer it as, so think of this whenever I post about TFS, until I give it an actual title. Perhaps when I have a bit more written and solid, I will tell a little bit about the influences.

It feels good to have set a goal. I feel strong about this.

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