Spring 2019

The spring is the time of year when new shoots push up from beneath the soil, when buds blossom on trees, and the entire earth seems to just exhale with color after winter’s sleep. With all this new coming forth in the world, my own life reflects that this year.

We’re just over a third of the way through the year so far, and honestly? My life is completely different from a year ago this time–from even six months ago.

Fortunately, this change is not what upended my life two years ago, but a much more positive one: I’m back in school, finally pursuing the finishing of my undergraduate degree.

With that–I’m no longer at my old job, and let me tell you, despite probably working near the same hours both in and out of class on schoolwork, there’s so much more room to actually breathe. I’m still doing a lot of work, but it’s in a completely different context, and a completely different pace, and it just feels like I have a lot more time than I did before.

I’ve got renewed energy, and I’ve got a small handful of projects to focus on. As always, working on the manuscript of my first novel–that’s currently a couple chapters into Part II, though I haven’t devoted a lot of time since the semester’s start to working on it. I’ve also got a short story to spruce up and polish, and another short story to work on expanding into possibly a novella. As this first semester back in the academic world after a decade winds to a close, I’m hoping to swing right back up in the saddle of this novel and make a lot more headway in it.

I also want to be more active here, especially now that I’m sprucing the site up and revamping it to be more updated. But! That also means creating more content to actually talk about! I’d also like to finish up long-waiting drafts I have about aspects of writing: the aspects of worldbuilding and how I’ve approached it, the writing process for me in general, and some thoughts on fanfiction vs original fiction, just to name a few.

I’m also trying to get into the swing of twitter (which isn’t my usual social media), as it’s primarily for writing-focused content, so if that’s a place you hang out, come say hi there, too!

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