Enter 2016

And finally the holidays have settled, as has all the traveling and day job stresses they brought about. Now I can breathe a little again.

With the start of January came another of the creative challenges I participated in last fall (initially mentioned in this post), and it’s just in time to help me dive back into writing and into this story in general.

As in the last post in which I talked about this, I’m still typing merrily away–I’m guessing that I’m probably about two-thirds of the way finished with this first plot (drawing near to 30k words as of today), and have an idea (with a smattering of details) for the second, to follow the first’s ending immediately, and the beginnings of an over-arcing plot that will come into play in a third. I’m starting to wonder if this is going to end up being a full-length novel of three parts, rather than separate, distinct novellas.

Unfortunately, by the sheer fact that I’ve said I’m still working on it, the secret’s out that I wasn’t able to push myself to get a finished draft by the end of the year. The day job just got far too hectic and the holidays too cramped and quick to make any time at all for writing. I’m not sure I wrote a single word in December, in fact.

Which is fine.

I’m steadily teaching myself that it’s more than okay to take a break every now and again (even if it’s not a break I’d prefer to be taking)–and sometimes it’s a damned needed break that I have to take in order to recharge my batteries.

I started to go into more depth about the book itself, but I think I’ll save that for a post of its own.

For now, just a quick update that I’m still working quite steadily and happily on this story now that the new year has given me a little breathing room.


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