An Update no.1

It’s been quite a few busy months for me.

My day job changed, and I’ve moved to a position where I’m in charge and running the show, which isn’t anything I hadn’t already done before, but I’m in a new place and there’s been a lot of organizing and getting things situated since March/April-ish, which didn’t leave a whole lot of room for writing.

Oh, I made sure to get in some here and there, but it was always tiny snippets, and nothing that felt really substantial. But. Now that I’m settled in a bit more in the new place, I am making a much larger conscious effort to carve out true writing time around everything else that’s been going on.

So. I’ve been working on a much-delayed chapter for a “for fun” project, and, more importantly, getting back in with original work.

I’ve done more background work for the new world of LTYW (briefly mentioned here), including filling out a map and beginning the sketching out of political, economical, etc relationships between the countries and different factions within the world. It’s somewhat slow going at this point, as I’m still fleshing things out and seeing what works and what doesn’t, but I am excited about it. I like the story a lot and know I am going to have fun with the world.

Most exciting right now, however, is diving headfirst back into my Wolf’s Eye novel. Yes, yes… if you go to that link up there and note where Wolf’s Eye is, it is supposed to be a short story, not a novel. Well. If I hadn’t thought a story could take on a life of its own and run away with an author, this would have been the one to convince me. I’ve written about it a bit before, and I am working on a separate post to talk about it by itself, so suffice to say that I am back in action after a few months’ break from it (though not for lack of wanting to work on it–blame the day job for that minor hiatus), and I am raring to go. Hopefully I will be able to reach the end of Part One soon, since I’ve been so close to finishing it for about four months now with simply no time or energy left to work on it. I am determined to get to it, though, and very soon. I’ve broken the 40k word mark for it, and am hoping this chapter–or possibly the next–will mark the end of Part One.

In-between, I will also finish putting together that post about it to talk about it some more, so that other people can have a better idea of what it is and–hopefully–why I am so excited about it.

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